Ten Fun Office Christmas Party Activity Ideas

If your mission is to provide your friends and colleagues with an end of year spectacle to reward their hard work over the year then you’re going to need some fresh, festive and fun office Christmas party activity ideas. This year’s party themes and venues are still being announced but combining the early birds that have released their party information already with some of last year’s most extravagant events and activities, here are some office party ideas to inspire all you merry party organisers.


london murder mystery christmas party theme and ideas

Interactive Sherlock Murder Mystery Party

A Christmas party activity with a sinister plot! Join Private Detective Sherlock Holmes and his trusty companion Dr John Watson for an interactive murder mystery themed night. As you dine with your guests over a delectable three-course meal, live actors unveil the drama that’s unfolding around you. The action is fast, furious, and fun as you unravel the mystery and compete to win a prize for the best detective. In the words of Dr Watson, ‘The game is afoot!’.



the medieval banquet london christmas party

Feast at the Medieval Banquet

For some organisers, there’s a lot of pressure to plan an Office Christmas party activity idea that will be remembered as one of the greatest social outings in the company’s history. Our advice to achieve this – be daring, go bold, and choose an idea that definitely hasn’t been thought of before. With that in mind, the Medieval Banquet screams innovative! Join the noble court for a Christmas feast and merrymaking at the historic Ivory Vaults. We highly encourage hiring your own middle-ages costume to blend in and interact with the medieval actors and entertainers!



christmas party venues london for hire

Dine with the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum

Experience the wonders of the Natural History Museum in a way you never have before! During December the museum opens up some of its grandest spaces for you to use as your Christmas party backdrop. Dine with the dinosaurs in the museum’s largest entertainment space and gaze upon both the remains of the world’s prehistoric creatures and exquisite romanesque arches. For a more intimate setting book the Earth Halls and surround yourself with remarkable objects that tell of the planet’s history. You can even book yourself a private tour round the Earth Galleries for an extra special pre-dinner and drinks activity.



Christmas Party At Somerset House Ice Rink

Ice Skate at London’s Somerset House

During the festive season, London’s iconic Somerset House welcomes skaters from across the city to glide across their 900-square-metre ice rink with a magical backdrop. After you’ve displayed your finest Tourvill and Dean skating skills you can dine in one of Somerset House’s grand private rooms with magnificent views of the ice rink and River Thames. Most cities will have an ice rink installed during the winter season so you could incorporate skating, Christmas delicacies and drinks just about anywhere!



london Aquarium Christmas Party, Christmas at the London sea life centre

An underwater backdrop at London Aquarium

Give your company a private viewing of one of Europe’s largest displays of marine life at the Sea Life’s London Aquarium. Before taking your seats for dinner with a spectacular underwater backdrop, you’ll take a walk above sharks and interact with fearless divers who will be swimming with these magnificent creatures. As you dine in the ‘Atlantic Cove’ you’ll be able to watch the majestic creatures of the ocean as you feast on a truly delicious Christmas feast. As far as Office Christmas party activity ideas go, the London Aquarium ticks a lot of boxes; interactive, unique, and memorable.



London Dungeon Christmas Party

Christmas at the London Dungeons

Dare to feast inside the London Dungeons, one of London’s most loved attractions? Join a cast of live actors as they take you on a tour to meet darkly historical characters such as Jack the Ripper, Mrs Lovett and Sweeney Todd. When you’ve just about stomached as many horrible deeds as you can, it’s time to take a seat in an 18th century themed tavern for some traditional pub grub and cheerful Christmas drinking (just try to forget the gruesome murders)!



Bat and Ball Christmas

Ping Pong Christmas Parties at Bat and Ball

For some reason, the office Christmas parties tend to bring out the most competitive spirits in the team. It could be because there’s a generous amount of mould wine and Christmas cocktails served up, or maybe it’s just because the Christmas season is the best time to let your hair down and relax. If you’re in need of a sporty office Christmas party activity idea then you might want to check out the Bat and Ball in London. It’s a lively table tennis bar that offers you the chance to serve up a ping-pong storm with a delicious buffet! Alternatively, you could hire a couple of ping-pong tables for your office, host your own tournament, order in a buffet and selection of drinks and host your very own private work do.



Cocktail Christmas Party

8) Become a cocktail making wizard!

Cocktails at Christmas are a tradition for many, but how would you and your colleagues like to be taught by professional bartenders to muddle and shake your very own delicious winter drinks? This Christmas party activity idea involves demonstrations from the pros, alcohol tasting ( quite a lot of it), a lesson in cocktail history, and a hands on opportunity for your entire team to get behind the bar and try concocting your very own winter beverages!  


Steam Dreams Christmas Party

9) Climb aboard a steam train terminating at Christmas markets

What if we told you that there are beautiful, timeless steam trains serving warm mould wine and delicious winter delicacies that transport you to and from Christmas markets over an evening? We’re guessing you’re going to say it’s the best office Christmas party activity idea you’ve heard of this year!

Why are Christmas markets so great? Tasty Christmas treats, winter cocktails, decorations, light displays, live entertainment, Xmas gifts and novelties… Pretty much everything that makes Christmas the best time of the year! After the market extravaganza, journey back home in 1950/60’s style carriages and if you haven’t filled yourself with festive food by that time, you can enjoy a sumptuous four course Christmas meal in true style.


Harry Potter Christmas Party

10) Christmas Dinner at Hogwarts Great Hall

This Christmas party idea is a dream come true for Harry Potter fans and fantasy lovers. During December, Warner Bros Studio opens Harry Potter World for a Christmas banquet like you’ve never seen! You start the evening with a private lobby reception for prosecco and canapes where the excitement builds for the main event.

After a short red carpet walk and cinematic video, you’ll be led to the doors of the Great Hall. The doors will swing open and you’ll be awestruck at the magic and beauty of the scenery inside. You’ll recognise authentic film props and tables as you wander through with your fellow wizards and witches. If you don’t think that dining in the magnificent Great Hall for a Christmas feast is quite enough to quench your Potter fandom thirst, why not book a tour of the studio before you eat!


If you still haven’t found the right office Christmas party activity, head over to Christmas Connections where you’re guaranteed to find an idea to suit you and your needs.

Should you invite plus ones to the work Christmas party?

Once you’ve decided on the main elements of your Christmas party, it is time to knuckle down on the nitty gritty stuff – and something top of the debate list is whether or not to invite plus ones. After all, Christmas parties are the time when personalities begin to shine, barriers are broken, and hair is let loose. It’s a time for everyone to get to know each other that bit better and celebrate the achievements of the past year, seeing it out with champagne, dance moves and delicious food, surrounded by those you spend most of your working life with. The decision to invite plus ones is one that many debate year on year and there are many valid points both for and against.

Saying yes to bringing plus ones to the work Christmas party can be a great way to really get into the spirit of the festive season and get to know your employees on more of a personal level than just an employee. While meeting the parents is definitely the nerviest, meeting your partner’s boss is another biggie in a relationship and therefore they are likely to be on their best behaviour, wanting to impress! It is also a great chance for other halves to get an insight into the company that their partner works for and the employee will feel grateful you’ve given the opportunity to get their partner involved and see how the business works. After all, they spend more time with their work colleagues than their other half, so for them to see who they are working with every day can make them feel more involved too.

Carnevale Themed Christmas Party

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The festive season is a time when partners want to spend time together and by allowing plus ones, it means it is more likely for the employees to come. The addition of plus ones also makes it much more of a social function, rather than just an extension of your working environment. It can make the atmosphere more relaxed and chilled as everyone will be less likely to be talking about work issues and instead getting to know one another’s partners, mingling and mixing with different crowds. New characters can also make the event more fun, bringing in new party tricks, jokes and insights.

For smaller companies plus ones can be great for increasing the numbers to further better the experience and make it more of a party than a gathering. Check out our UK shared Christmas party nights, perfect for smaller groups.

On the other hand, those that are single don’t always appreciate the idea of plus ones at a party. They already feel shunted out in what many consider the season of “romance” and the thought of having to turn up alone to a party which is filled with couples is enough to put anyone off their eggnog. Some employers consider extending the plus one option to friends instead of just a significant other to a Christmas party. While this can be great in the way it won’t discourage them from not attending due to the thought of a room filled with married couples, it can also have its pitfalls. You would need to carefully consider that some friends can be a bit more unpredictable than other halves, less likely to stay professional and probably a bit more likely to take advantage of the free bar as they don’t have as strong a loyalty as a romantic partner might have. This is definitely not always the case, but something to consider as a possibility!


Carnevale Themed Christmas Party

Looking for a UK Christmas party? Use our free venue finder!


It is also important to consider that bringing plus ones to the work Christmas party can alter the whole feel and vibe of a party. Those who turn up with a plus one can feel a sense of responsibility for them, particularly if they haven’t been introduced to anyone in the workforce before. They can feel a constant need to check their plus one is having a good time and getting on well with other guests feeling too concerned about them having a good time to mingle and really relax themselves. This could affect the overall vibe you would want at your Christmas party, so is a definite point to take into consideration.

Be sure to also consider the added cost of having plus ones attend the Christmas party – you are effectively doubling your costs per head, so this is something to think about. Some choose to pay for their own employee, but have their plus ones contribute for their place to attend.

There are a myriad of points both for and against the inviting of plus ones to the work Christmas party for you to think about before making any final decisions. Why not put it forward to your employees for a vote to see how they feel about it? You could give options such as no plus one’s, plus one’s, plus one’s but they have to contribute a small fee etc. tailoring the options depending on what your main concerns are. Whichever you choose, remember neither is wrong and at the end of the day the party is there to celebrate the achievements and successes of the last year. The final decision is down to you and it’s up to you to outweigh what are the most important factors for you.


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When is the best time to book the work Christmas party?

One of the most commonly asked questions that we hear as professional event organisers has to be when is the best time to book the work Christmas party? We always recommend booking your tickets as soon as possible and there are a whole bunch on benefits for doing so that you might not even know about.


new york new york christmas party theme

Looking for a party: View our top shared Christmas parties


Setting a Christmas party date that the majority of your colleagues can attend is often a time consuming and frustrating task. Because we’re realists, we know not everyone is going to be able to make the same date. So, imagine finally settling on a date after weeks of sending out doodle polls and email reminders to find out when everyone is available for the Xmas party, only to be told that your date is completely sold out. That’s a huge amount of time and effort wasted.

So how do you avoid that disappointment? Don’t leave it to the last minute! A lot of Christmas parties tend to be announced around April and May. We know that might seem ridiculously early but when you take into account that some venues have a capacity of 3000+ and thirty Christmas parties taking place between late November and December, you’ll appreciate that a lot of planning and organisation is needed in order to make those events successful and memorable.

Bearing in mind when these parties go on sale to the general public, we recommend you start looking into booking your work Christmas party around the summer. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays tend to be the most popular Xmas party dates and can sell out months in advance, so if you’re planning your work do for one of those prime dates for a large groupmof people then you really need to be booking your party as close to summer as you can.


carnival christmas party theme, rio brazil xmas

View: Top London Venues


Another reason why the best time to book your work Christmas party is months in advance is because organising an end of year celebration isn’t always quick and easy. We know from working with thousands of clients over the years that planning a Christmas party is stressful and doesn’t always pan out the way you imagined it.

On top of finishing all of your work on time so that you can enjoy your Xmas holidays without the nagging thought of that report you didn’t quite complete, do you really need dietary requirements, food allergies and drink orders looming over you as well? We thought not. Get all of those nitty-gritty details signed off early so that you don’t have to collect that information in the midst of the December chaos.  

So what are the other possible benefits to booking the work Christmas party so early in advance?

By booking early enough, some venues and parties may offer you a small discount or an incentive to secure your booking. You might be offered a few bottles of complimentary bubbly for each of your tables, extra dodgem tokens (should your party include the good ol’ fashioned bumper cars), or even free professional photographs to hang in your office so that your company can remember your party antics for years to come.

An additional bonus of booking your Christmas party sooner rather than later is that you may be seated closer to the stage so that you have front row seats for the extravagant performances set to take place. Alternatively, if you don’t like queueing for your winter cocktails you could also request to be seated next to the bar. By booking last minute, you don’t have these options and we know from experience it’s the little touches that make your Christmas party that extra bit special and memorable.


One London Wall 1

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What happens if you book your Christmas party and you want to add on extra guests at a later date?

The important thing to remember is that all tickets are subject to availability. Event organisers cannot hold or secure tickets without a deposit or full payment. This means that there is a risk that there might not be any tickets on your party date left over for last minute bookers. If you book your party early, you’ve got a bigger time frame and better chance at there being a few extra tickets available for those friends and colleagues that decide they don’t want to miss out on the Christmas celebrations after all.

For those of you hiring a venue exclusively, you might also be wondering when the best time to book your entertainment is. As with the party it’s best to book as soon as you have your venue and date confirmed. You probably aren’t going to be the only company booking entertainment for that date but you’re definitely going to want to be one of the first.

If we haven’t already emphasised enough in this blog, the best time to book your work Christmas party is without a doubt a few months in advance – aim for around August. It’ll save you a ton of stress, you might get a discount on your booking, a few extra glasses of champagne, potential front row seats for the live performances, and you can enjoy the lead up to the party without the worry of having to organise it last minute.

If you’re in charge of booking your Christmas party this year and you don’t know where to start, get in touch with us, Christmas Connections! We’re a free party finding service and our mission is to relieve you of all of the hassle and stress or arranging your Christmas party.


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What Makes a Good Event: 8 Top Tips

Running an event can be hard work with lots of remember. But what makes a great event stand out from a mediocre one? Follow these top tips to throw a really great event that will run smoothly and be remembered for all the right reasons…


Good Planning

Top on our list of aspects which make a great event is good planning. In order for an event to run smoothly, you need to plan carefully, ensuring you are organised from the very beginning planning stages, right through to the end. You need to make sure you know exactly what is going on and when so there are no mishaps and make sure your time-keeping skills are up to scratch. Detail each task you must do and write down how long they should take and don’t spend too much time on one thing. With planning, attention to detail is paramount – from details such as ensuring the correct time and date, to numbers for orders and other items. Planning is key!


planning a good event

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Innovation and adaptability

One thing which can take an event from potential disaster to a truly great event, is the ability to innovate and adapt to different situations. These can be anything from something slipping up in the planning stages, to something going wrong on the day. With the right skills and quick mindset to adapt to a situation you can quickly turn a potential disaster into something successful.



Connections are such an important aspect of any business and come particularly in handy when planning an event. And we’re not talking Twitter followers or people you’ve engaged with on LinkedIn, for a really great event, you need connections you’ve met in person and forged a working relationship with. A vital component to events and meetings, be sure to make the most your time at other events and conferences by building relationships with fellow professionals and those who might come in handy for your own future events, such as attendees, vendors, exhibitors and planners.



Speakers are often a great draw when it comes to events, so be sure that whether you have multiple speakers or just one, that they are a good support for the event. Be sure to take the time to find someone who is exactly right and on the day be sure they are able to agree to and follow speaker guidelines that you set, such as time limits.


What Makes A Good Event

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Extra Activities

If there is time and budget for this, extra activities can be great to create and cultivate the event experience for attendees. Extra activities can be anything from putting on a food spread, to giving out awards, photo booths or business stalls. This can be a great way to get people more involved and immersed in the event, staying longer and have an overall better experience. Be sure to get this booked in well in advance to ensure there are facilities to cater for this and that your event goes as smoothly as possible.


The venue and location

The venue and location of your event is one of the most important decisions to making sure it runs smoothly. And it’s important to tick both boxes – you could have a perfect location, but if it’s miles away with no parking it’s going to cause a nuisance for guests. Similarly, if you have a great location, but unsuitable venue, it won’t work either. Think carefully about where your attendees will be travelling from and factor that in. You will also need to think of certain facilities and if it has that – whether it be free Wifi, catering facilities, on-site parking, conference rooms, it is vital that these things are ticked off first.



When planning an event it is important that information and communication are clear and precise. You need to ensure that everyone from attendees to sponsors, exhibitors and staff of the venue know timings and what is happening on the day – before the day rolls around. If the event will have extra costs for wifi, a cash-only bar or parking which has to be paid for, be sure people know these details to avoid any nasty surprises on the day of the event.


what makes a good event

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Experience on the day

Similar to information, be sure that everything is ready and organised for the day so it all runs smoothly. Make sure staff (particularly if they have been hired for the day) know important things about the venue such as where the toilets are, so if guests have questions they get answers quickly and easily. Make sure everyone there on the day knows their role and what they need to do and that you have your timings for the event ready (with room for movement should something overrun slightly.)


Events are great when run smoothly, and with these easy tips to help tell you what makes a great event, you’re sure to provide your guests with a memorable day. Be sure to plan well ahead and know just what your guests will be after on the day, ensuring you provide them with this. Be clear and concise with your information and follow up with your guests after the event to see how they found it and if there is anything they feel could be improved or changed next time. This will ensure they feel valued and cared for and if there were any aspects they weren’t so keen on, you can improve on this in the future.


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The best places to watch the world cup in London

The 2018 World Cup in Russia has been controversial, to say the least, but if anything it promises to bring fantastic entertainment, hope and success to at least one nation. Every England fan is hoping to repeat the famous success of 66 but with the Three Lions’ young squad, the team is in the unknown. We’ve put together a blog with our favourite venues to watch the world cup and a few facts that will impress your mates.


Where to watch the world cup in London?

  1. The Tower of London
  2. Famous Three Kings
  3. Rileys Sports Bar
  4. Greenwood
  5. The Dickens Inn
  6. The Grand
  7. Carlsberg Sports Bar
  8. Bavarian Beerhouse
  9. Bar Kick
  10. The Coat & Badge
  11. The Faltering Fullback
  12. Belushi’s Dugout at London Bridge
  13. Somerset House
  14. Pub on the Park
  15. The Lighthouse Battersea


1) The tower of London

The Tower of London is constructing a pavilion on the grounds where you can book tables to watch the match. The pavilion can hold up to 950 guests and you even get a delicious 3-course meal and unlimited house wine, beer and soft drinks!


2) Famous Three Kings

The London craft pub offers a good selection of beers at a fair price. There are a few big-screens available to watch the game from but if you are wanting a seat then it’s best to book in advance as they tend to fill up fast during the big matches.


3) Rileys Sports Bar

Rileys have two sports bars in London that are of equal quality. The bars tend to get extremely busy on match days but there are a number of pool tables and dart boards to entertain yourselves with if you want to turn up a bit early. The beers are fairly priced and the bars have plenty of wide-screens to watch the action.


4) Greenwood

Greenwood in Westminister is one of our favourite places to watch the football with some high-quality pub grub. With easy access to the station and a good selection of brews on offer, the pub offers plenty of space to watch the game – although expect it to become rather busy come the world cup!


5) The Dickens Inn

Located in St Katharine’s Docks the Dickens Inn is a traditional, three-storey pub. The venue is very popular with the locals and the Tavern bar has 5 large flat screen televisions that will be showing the England matches. The bar also extends out into a beer garden so you can relax in the sunshine afterwards.


6) Clapham Grand

The Clapham Grand features a gigantic 24ft cinema screen which often hosts major sporting events such as the rugby and football world cup. There are also a few popcorn and hot dog machines on standby just in case you get peckish at half time.


7) Carlsberg Sports Bar

If Carlsberg did sports bars they’d offer wall to wall sports on 14 widescreen televisions and two giant ones. Watch the world cup in the contemporary bar in the Empire Casino in Leicester Square, they have ample seating and a wide selection of beers – it’s not all Carlsberg.


8) Bavarian Beerhouse

The Bavarian Beerhouse is one of two of the UK’s only German-themed pub. The menu includes wine, schnapps and beers served in traditional steins. They serve traditional snacks such as bratwursts, pretzels and potato dumplings and regularly show the Bundasliga.


9) Bar Kick

In London’s Shoreditch, Bar Kick is the home to local football fans looking for delicious food, a wide range of beers and cheap foosball tables. The quirky bar has a good reputation for friendly staff and the raised screens allow everyone to see the football regardless of how busy it is.


10) The Coat & Badge

The Coat & Badge is a traditional English pub with a large beer garden. It’s one of our favourite pubs in Putney and the large TV screens show football regularly and the kitchens consistently provide high-quality pub grub.


11) The Faltering Fullback

Tucked away down Perth Road the Faltering Fullback is a must-go around Finsbury Park. Time Out has recently rated it as one of their top 10 pubs in London and for good reason. The pub is often full and that is due to the delightful gardens and fairly priced pints. The venue offers live sports every week and is perfect for watching the World Cup with other avid football fans.


12) Belushi’s Dugout at London Bridge

Belushi’s have a few different venues in London with our personal favourite being the London Bridge Dugout. The pub is a fantastic hit with young football fans looking to kick back and watch the match on large 4K screens that are dotted around the venue. There’s a large selection of international beers and if you’re quick enough to get a table they offer table service so you never need to miss a second of the action.


13) Somerset House

Details are yet to be released for this year’s screenings but Somerset House often hosts what is widely known as the most beautiful open-air cinema in London. They’ve previously hosted the Rugby world cup and other global events as well as film festivals. If it’s sunny, then this is the place to watch the football.


14) Pub on the Park

This London boozer is super busy on a hot, summer’s day and there are even projector screens so that you can watch the game in the sunshine! If the English weather decides to turn up then you can head inside and watch the game on the widescreen televisions. The kitchen is headed by Andy Evans and there are always a good selection of ales on tap so worry not, you will be fed & watered.


15) The Lighthouse Battersea

The Lighthouse pub and gardens regularly show live sport so come the world cup, the venue will be ecstatic. They have fantastic pub grub, a great selection of beers and a beautiful garden to relax in after the match.

Top 10 exclusive Christmas Party Venues in London

It may seem rather early to book a Christmas party but London’s top exclusive venues sell out their key dates (Thursdays & Fridays) in January! If you have over 200 people you will most likely need a large private venue to host your office party and London has plenty to choose from. This year we have compiled a list of the top exclusive Christmas venues in London so you don’t have to.


Billingsgate Vaults

1. Billingsgate Vaults

Billingsgate Vaults is located on the river Thames, underneath Old Billingsgate, opposite London Bridge. This Christmas party is capable of hosting between 300 – 800 guests in the historic basement. The venue is divided into three sections so that the party continuously has a good atmosphere. The drinks reception is held in the right-hand side of the vaults and waiters will be serving sparkling wine to your guests. The night then progresses to the right-hand side where a sumptuous three-course dinner is served by award-winning caterers. Both sections of the venue overlook a stunning dance-floor where a live-band or DJ plays. The venue is subtly themed with traditional decorations but the venue truly is the wow-factor for this Christmas party.

 Bloomsbury Big Top

2. Bloomsbury Big Top

Bloomsbury Big Top is a temporary Christmas structure which is constructed every November – December near Brunswick Square, London, in the shape of a giant circus tent. The venue is then decorated with the year’s theme along with thousands of LED lights to create a starlit ceiling. The Christmas venue can hold up to 800 party-goers and offers a sit-down dinner and also bowl food. The seating arrangement is based around the stage where live entertainment can be performed. This area is then transformed into a state of the art dance-floor with sound directional speakers!

 Tower Of London

3. Pavilion Tower of London

If you’re looking for an iconic venue then it doesn’t get much better than the Tower of London. The pavilion is based around the East side of the tower offering a beautiful backdrop to your xmas party. The hosts can even project your company logo onto the walls of the Tower!

Cutty Sark

4. Cutty Sark Events

Cutty Sark is the world’s last tea clipper. The 19th Century venue now offers traditional company Christmas parties for all of London to enjoy. The vessel has been raised above ground and now offers a unique event space beneath the berth of the ship to eat, drink and dance the night away.

London Zoo

5. London Zoo Christmas Party

If you’re looking for a different work Christmas do, London Zoo offers a Christmas party that includes a meet and greet with the animals! The party is then moved to one of the zoo’s event spaces for either a seated dinner or bowl food style meal, which is followed by a DJ & disco.

Earth Halls

6. Natural History Museum Party

Earth Halls within the Natural History Museum offers a stunning Christmas party for Christmas party goers that are looking for a unique, party venue in the centre of London.


Battersea Evolution

7. Battersea Evolution Christmas Party

Battersea Evolution is the go-to place for West London Christmas parties. The theme changes every year but the party includes stunning live entertainment, delicious seated meals and a large, state of the art disco.

Landing 42

8. Landing 42

Widely known as the Christmas party in the sky, Landing 42 provides a view of the London skyline, located just behind the Gerkin, 500ft in the sky. The dedicated event space is on the 42nd floor (hence the name) of the Cheesegrater. The venue can be split to hold between 40 – 300 guests exclusively, at any one time.

Hop Exchange

9. The Hop Exchange Christmas Party

Located just 5 minutes from London Bridge, the Hop Exchange is one of London’s newest & hottest Christmas party venues. As you enter the venue you will be greeted with a chilled glass of prosecco and then the curtains will drop to announce dinner. The multi-storey building has twinkling lights falling from the ceiling and traditional ornaments to mark the Christmas season.

Oxo Tower

10. London OXO2 Tower Christmas Party

This chic riverside venue is perfect for Londoners wanting to stick to the centre of the city. Located on the second floor of the Oxo Tower, the space boasts river views throughout the entire room and can be dressed in a bold theme or can be tailored to your request.


If you’d like to see more Christmas party ideas please check out our London page.

The Office Christmas Party Acquisition


July 2017

Christmas Connections acquires Office Christmas website.

Experienced events management company Christmas Connections has just acquired the Office Christmas website to create the biggest, and best, festive party website in the UK.

The new revamped website will have a slightly tweaked name – Office Christmas Party – and is due to launch at the beginning of August, just before the crazy Christmas party booking season begins.

As time is of the essence, advertising rates have been heavily reduced and there are plenty of special offers for advertisers to take advantage of.

Christmas Connections has been running for more than 10 years and prides itself on taking the hassle out of Christmas party organisation, delivering stress-free nights full of festive fun.

In the last two years, the Office Christmas website has had more than 1.8million page views, and with Christmas Connections’ huge newsletter database, of more than 20,000 Christmas party bookers, there are plenty of opportunities for you to connect with potential customers of the future.

So, contact us now to find out how we can help you promote your services or venues and be a part of the biggest Christmas party website in the UK.

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