Benefits to shared Christmas parties

Perfect xmas parties for smaller businesses



Benefits to shared Christmas parties

Published on Sep 9, 2019

Choosing the perfect Christmas party for your team can be a difficult task, particularly if you are a smaller team. It can be hard to find an event with the same busy, bustling atmosphere and extravagance as a larger party, and can leave your smaller team just heading to your local for a drink and bite to eat as you often do on a Friday. This is why it is a great idea to look into shared Christmas parties – there are a whole host of different benefits to enjoy.

The first great benefit to shared Christmas parties is that you get the chance to experience the buzz and atmosphere of a large Christmas party, while also meeting plenty of other people at the same time. A night out with your colleagues and partners is great, but you can do that any time of the year and as we all know, Christmas Parties are a time to mingle, meet new people and make new friends. It can also open up great new opportunities to network outside of work settings. People are more relaxed and chilled, and it can be a chance to get to know potential new work connections which can come in handy in the new year!


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A second benefit to a shared party is that it can, in fact, save you money. Generally, with small groups you have to pay more per head to cover overall costs – particularly if hiring out a specific venue as this is just a set cost no matter how many of how little guests attend. Shared parties work out cheaper thanks to the large number of people in attendance, and packages often cover things such as food, drink and entertainment so it’s a winner all round! Some packages even include cocktail receptions and drinks or snacks later on in the evening, adding on extra little things that might not be possible for a smaller, individual group party.

A shared Christmas party is also a great chance for businesses to really let their hair down and experience something different. While past Christmas parties at a local restaurant would have been good, we can bet you never got the chance for everyone to experience a fairground-themed evening complete with circus acts, or a masquerade ball with a champagne and canape reception? A shared party means you can have something a bit more extravagant, unique and exciting. There is also a lot more choice for you for the type of party you think would most suit your employees – would a casino-style charity night be the best choice? Or a Great Gatsby styled evening? There are a lot more choices open to you when looking at shared Christmas parties – and all ones that are likely to impress your employees after a hard work year. This is also another benefit, a Christmas party is a great choice to show your employees how grateful you are for all the work they’ve done in the past year, so the better the party, the better the morale will be.


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Another great reason to choose a shared Christmas party is that it removes the stress of planning. Let’s face it, trying to put together a Christmas party is never an easy feat, trying to stick to the budget, organising everything separately and trying to ensure all runs smoothly. If you booked a shared Christmas party the whole package is taken care of and all you need to sort out are the numbers of people going and getting the money from them. The rest is all taken care of, meaning it’s stress-free.

There are so many benefits to shared Christmas parties, the only hard bit is choosing just which one to go for. Luckily, we have a whole host for you to look through, simply take a look at our shared nights running around the UK.

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