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Christmas Party : London Christmas Party at 8 Northumberland – LON291

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8 Northumberland - London Christmas Party 2019

Restored Grade II listed venue located a one-minute walk from Trafalgar Square - the official centre of London - makes this the capital's most central venue. Having been hidden away for 70 years, Grand Staterooms have been restored and combined with cutting-edge technology to make this the perfect venue for up to 1,000 guests to be entertained in style. This year at the 8 Northumberland Christmas party we invite you to explore our magical and mystery themes in our fabulously themed rooms!

8 Northumberland Avenue, London's most central venue will give your guests a night they won't forget!

The Ice Palace - The Ballroom (100 - 1000 guests)

Long talked about and anticipated, a night at the grand Ice Palace draws close. From afar the grand building looms. It’s unmistakable, it can be no other than that of the tales and tall stories, the revered Ice Palace. Through the magnificent towering gates is the only way to arrive.
For years there have been whispers and murmurs of a palace within the snow. A place of unequivocal grandeur, the most exclusive place in the land. For those who have journeyed from far and wide to discover, it’s everything the stories were filled with and more. The contrast inside is breath-taking. Ice sparkles and glimmers yet it’s warm and inviting. It’s just as every story described - a Palace to behold. Stopping for a moment to soak it in; the marble columns tower to the ceiling whilst the chandeliers flicker overhead with candlelight and pinpricks of ice. There is an ethereal glow – pale blues, whites and turquoise envelope the party.
The drama of the space is clear to feel, the evening is array with surprises and music fills the air. This is a palace made for parties, only open to those invited where guests dance the night away concealed from sight.

The Northumberland Express - Old Billiard Room (100 - 500 guests)

The excitement of travel, the anticipation of adventure. We all know the feeling, there’s nothing quite like it - it’s why we chase it. We present to you your ticket onboard the Northumberland Express.

On the platform you can feel the energy, the wonder of what awaits. The space heaves with sounds of movement and preparation – we are ready to depart. The excitement of what is to come bubbles but before that the journey must begin. Onboard, it’s a different place entirely. The atmosphere is heavy with anticipation, luxurious, exciting and still apart from the moving scenery. The tables are adorned with gilded fabrics, low candlelight flickers, pockets of light highlight the exotic travelling acts from all corners of the world.
We were all seeking adventure but all of a sudden, the outside scenery becomes a blur, time seems to stop and for now, nothing else matters apart from here. The night draws on, the food is served, the buzz of the party builds. It seems that all that is here, is all that there is. The destination will come but for now this is the moment, that feeling we were chasing.


Dates & Prices
Party Location

Itinerary for the Northumberland Christmas Party

Sample Itinerary

  • 6.30pm Drinks reception
  • 7.30pm Dinner
  • 9.30pm Entertainment
  • 9.30pm Disco
  • 11.30pm Bar closes
  • 12.00am Guests depart

Package includes:

  • Ballroom or Old Billiard Room & Annex venue hire from 6pm - midnight
  • 60-minute reception on arrival, with unlimited sparkling wine and winter cocktails
  • Three course seated dinner with coffee and petit fours OR bowl food reception (5 bowls)
  • Unlimited house wine, beer and soft drinks
  • DJ and Disco
  • Full theming, lighting and production
  • Fabulous table settings
  • Pre event menu tasting (dinners only)
  • Event security
  • Fully staffed cloakroom
  • Dedicated event manager

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