Christmas Cocktails to get the Party started

It's time to sharpen your Christmas cocktail skills



Christmas Cocktails to get the Party started

Published on Jul 7, 2019

If there is one thing that everyone looks forward to over the festive break it’s the parties with friends, families and colleagues. It’s a great time to get together, let your hair down and of course indulge in copious amounts of food and drink! For this, there’s no better time to start honing your cocktail skills – this will take your Christmas party up a notch and get everyone in the festive spirit! For this we have put together the top Christmas party cocktails to try this festive season…

White Christmas Margaritas

Impress your friends with this simple yet delicious take on a margarita. Ideal for a Christmas get together, you can have these created and ready to drink in just 15 minutes. This tipple is a delicious blend of coconut milk, tequila, triple sec and lime juice; Snowy white in colour with a sugary white rum, it’s one way to guarantee a white Christmas! Don’t forget to garnish with some cranberries for an extra festive finish! You can find the full recipe here.

Cranberry sea breeze punch

This is the perfect Christmas party cocktail to get you and your guests in the Christmas spirit! Refreshing and simple to make, the Cranberry sea breeze punch can be served in a punch bowl for up to 8 and is a blend of cranberries, cranberry juice, vodka, grapefruit juice and limes.  With a prep time of 10 minutes, (3hrs freezing) you can create this in no time and it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. You can find the full recipe here.

Mulled Wine

Nothing shouts “festive season” more than a warm glass of mulled wine. This spiced mulled wine recipe by Jamie Oliver is super easy and only takes 20 minutes to create. It is a great alternative to more traditional cocktails and doesn’t require too many ingredients. If you have an outdoor area for your Christmas party, this can be a great one to help keep everyone warm too! You  can find the full recipe here.

Festive Cranberry Sangria

While many of us associate sangria with a summer holiday drink to be enjoyed on a beach front, this seasonal version is a great festive alternative. Called Festive Cranberry sangria, it is served in a pitcher with cranberry juice, orange and lemon slices and port wine, making for a delicious Christmas party cocktail. Pre-make before your guests arrive and leave in the fridge to keep cool – it is the ideal drink to pull out and serve when you want to liven the party up! You can find the full recipe here.

Pear and rosemary cocktail

This delicious cocktail combines vodka and pear wine for a festive drink that’s sure to get the party started. It’s simple to make with 3 easy steps and only requires a cocktail shaker as the key instrument to make this tipple. Designed to have a kick in it when drunk, this should be served in a short glass. You can find the full recipe here.

Champagne (or Prosecco) Margaritas

This is another version of a margarita, but this time with everyone’s favourite celebratory bubbles – champagne (or Prosecco). Either pre-make the cocktail ready for people to arrive or fill in a large pitcher for people to help themselves to. This cocktail is an ideal way to toast to the festive season and get the party started. You can find the full recipe here.

Rum and Ginger

Oozing with the flavours of festivity, this rum and ginger recipe has Christmas written all over it. Designed to be enjoyed alongside a mince pie or chocolate, serve in a punch bowl and leave with the food buffet for people to help themselves to. This cocktail not only tastes delicious, but looks it too, so why not have as a centre piece to your table? You can find the full recipe here.

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Gingerbread Man-tini Recipe

As far as scrumptious Christmas vodka cocktails go, this is up there with the best! This gingerbread martini recipe is super easy (3-minute prep time) and is sure to impress your guests. The secret ingredient of a Gingerbread Liqueur brings all the flavours to life and combined with the other ingredients creates a bold coloured cocktail. Make sure you keep to each step of the recipe to make the yummiest cocktail. You can find the full recipe here.

Christmas party cocktails can often turn a good party into a great party. Make sure you prepare wisely and get all the ingredients in ready to make the cocktails before your guests arrive. Here are some useful tips to making a great cocktail:

  •         Make sure you use good quality alcohol
  •         Don’t forget to measure the amount of alcohol you pour in the glass
  •         Fresh ingredients can make the difference
  •         Make sure you have all the essential cocktail making accessories
  •         Ice can be the key to making something special

And most of all – have fun and enjoy yourself! And remember it’s Christmas soon!

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